#Human Rights
Limited Too, Poser Fans
United States of America

Recently, Limited Too had decided to take Kevin Jonas merchandise off their shelves because he is "too old."

Plus, fans are hating on Kevin saying he "hardly does anything for the band, "is gay", etc.

Kevin Jonas is just as much a part of the band as Nick and Joe. Sure, he may not sing as much, but Kevin is the base of the band.

He has amazing guitar skills, and is absolutely amazing. No, LImited Too, Kevin isn't too old. If Kevin's too old, take off all your Zac Efron stuff too, because he is older than Kevin. To all poser fans who say Kevin is gay, he is absolutely not.

Kevin is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. Trust me, I've met him, and he is amazing. Kevin has a different voice than his brothers. So what? You cannot like the Jonas Brothers without loving every single one of them. They wouldn't be the JOnas Brothers if it was just Nick and Joe. So, this one's for you Kevin! <3

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