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This year the IRS has decided to use a loop-hole in the tax laws to extend the time they have to pay out returns. Basically, they send you a letter informing you that they are holding your return on the grounds of Combat Zone tax deferment.

You do not need to be actively involved in the Military to receive this notice. In fact, most who have received this letter aren't Military affliated in any sense. The response from the IRS is that we will just have to be patient, wait the extra 45 days they will need to review these returns AND an additional 4 to 6 months to actually get the returns to recipients.

We, the undersigned taxpayers, disagree with the use of cryptic loop-holes in the tax code to delay payouts of tax returns.

We also would like the IRS to be held accountable by their own tax codes, in which it is stated a percentage of interest shall be paid on any return that takes longer than 45 days to be assessed after all proper documentation has been submitted.

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