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Government of Ireland stop using the 'F' word, please! Ahead of the National Commemoration of The Great Hunger/ An Gorta Mor in September in Newry, wouldn't it be wonderful for the Irish Government to take control of the terminology of the country's history. Can the government refrain from using the word FAMINE in reference to this period.

The Irish diaspora is now better educated on the period of Irish history between 1845-1851 of the Great Hunger or An Gorta Mor.

It is now time for a passionate request for the Government of Ireland to officially stop calling this period 'The Famine'.

The word famine suggests that it was simply a lack of food. It was much more complicated than this. And to call it by this name denigrates the suffering of the people. The Definition of Famine is 'a lack of food during a long period of time in a region'. Records show how much food was exported out of Ireland at this time.

For the Irish Government to call this period a famine denies the victims (well over a million of our ancestors), our fuller understanding of the reasons for their demise and in honouring them we should call this complex disaster The Great Hunger or An Gorta Mór.

In honour of those who suffered and died in this time, please join, sign and ask the government to ensure this tragic period is given a truer and fairer name!

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