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Town of Innisfil - Town Council

A stunning announcement at Innisfil's special council meeting Wed night has left residents dumbstruck, as plans to change the township's name appear to have been kept tightly under wraps until a week before Council intends to vote and approve the plan.

Calling the name change a 'fresh start', Consultant Terry Leighton insists that the new 'branding' will give a new positive image to the township, as part of a bold initiative that will engender a more friendly response towards the township by the provincial government.

Stating that Innisfil is treated with a level of disrespect by provincial government he has never before witnessed in his 30 years working with municipal governments, CAO John Skorobahacz stated that changing it's name will lift the 'cloud over Innisfil'.

The announcement has been left until a week before the Council plans to vote their approval of the 'Inspiring Innisfil 2020' plan. Although the public was included in the process of planning for Innisfil's future by being invited to offer their opinions and suggestions for the new town initiative, there was absolutely no mention of a name change until Wednesday night's meeting.

(taken from an article written by Michelle Devlin)

THANK YOU everyone for supporting STOP THE INSANITY - Leave Our towns name alone!!! Innisfil town council has taken the motion of the name change off of the table and out of the Inspiring Innisfil Document.

We are Innisfil AND we are proud of it!

Petition to Innisfil Town Council:

We the undersigned hereby request that the Innisfil Council not support the proposal to change the name of the town.

We ask you our elected representatives to stand up for the rights of the silent majority and not support the name change.

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