Municipal Council

Overflowing with rich wildlife, fresh scenic landscapes, and friendly residents, our town is a thing of beauty.

Despite the growing need for new sources of income, this town shouldn't surrender everything it represents in turn for something completely against what we strive for. Although economic recovery is needed in Wawa, a nuclear waste facility certainly should not be the answer.

We believe that no matter what economical impact this plan may contribute to our town, it is does not out way the risks involving storing these highly toxic materials.

We are a town known for its respect towards the environment, and by inquiring into nuclear waste, the municipal council is undermining our values.

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens that urge our leaders in the municipal council to dismiss discussions and inquiries concerning nuclear waste being disposed in Wawa, Ontario.

We call on the elected councillors and mayor to listen and respect the voices of their fellow community members who have expressed themselves by signing a petition, or by being apart of the Facebook group "Keep Nuclear Waste out of Wawa".

We are desperately hoping for an outcome that will keep nuclear waste out of our town.

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The Stop the inquiry of a Nuclear Waste Facility in Wawa petition to Municipal Council was written by Vanessa Moynihan and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.