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Great Nigerian Students!

There have been some disturbing rumours peddling around that the Federal Government plan to or have increased the tuition fee of some varsity around the country.
The plan of the Federal Government to increase tuition fees is wicked and threaten the tertiary education sector which we should all stand up against.

The increment in fees is irrelevant and gross wickedness which is coming at a time that the country is stucked in recession and the masses are well financially handicapped.
The inability of the Government to promptly pay workers at the end of the month and their failure to improve the lives of her citizens especially the youths shouldn't bring about the added responsibility of paying in some cases more than 400 percent of their former amount payable as this adds more salt to injury.
Attributing the obscene increment to the poor allocation of the Federal government funding to the Universities isn't only barbaric as it is also embarrassing and a cheap excuse for the Government to shy away from their responsibilities.
Are the students meant to play the role of proper financing of universities round the country?
This will make life more difficult for the parents/self sustaining students to encourage their wards or themselves in pursuing their academic goals including prospective students.
The Buhari - led administration which we are still hopeful on should look into helping her citizens especially the youth in this hard time not the other way round.
It started with some of the stringent regulations brought up in applying for JAMB which I think there is a deliberate intention in reducing the number of applicants vying for slots in the tertiary institutions. The innocent students should be shielded and not targeted with this decision because we have seen enough to be made to suffer the more.
We appreciate that the Federal government have put together several packages to help the graduates and some youth but we think that much have to be done for some of the unemployed youths and graduates that abound the country. The government should also be looking at putting up several packages for the undergraduates in school too so as to create a serene learning environment to the youths.

I call on all Nigerian students to rise together and stand against this act and also call on the acting president and the Senate to look into this matter urgently in order to reverse the planned fee hike as to show the youths that this administration still care a lot about the youths in this nation of ours.

"A luta continua , vitória é certa"

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