NSW Government

As of the beginning of April 2012 the NSW Government has increased the yearly charge for personalized number plates for motorcycles from $50 to $99 per year and cars from $90 to $99 per year, this applies to letter / number style number plates.

The yearly charge for word style number plates has also increased. This equates to an increase for number / letter number plates for motorcycles of 98%, this is unacceptable.

VIC and QLD for example have a one off charge for personalized plates and I think we should have this also, there is no difference between standard issue and personalized plates after they have been made and issued, a one off charge for the content you have or requested should be the way it is done.

In case you are not aware, anyone wishing to place personalised number plates on either their car or motorbike, incur a purchase/order fee of up to $160 and then a recurring annual fee of up to $440.00. These are todays prices and can be expected to increase in future years.

We, the undersigned, object to the increase for personalized number plates and call on the NSW Government to cease the yearly charge for personalized number plates and introduce a reasonable one-off fee.

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