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In the past few weeks, immigrant communities in greater Boston have been surprised and terrified by several immigration raids in the early hours of the morning.

These raids have primarily affected individuals with no criminal or immigration records. Immigration officers have approached people who look Brazilian on the street and asked them for their documents as they walked to work.

They have also made their way into the privacy of people’s homes, only identifying themselves after they gain entry.

Dear President Obama, Governor Patrick, Senator Kennedy, Senator Kerry, and Mayor Menino,

As community leaders and members, we demand a stop to Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids in Massachusetts, where officials are racially profiling community members and failing to identify themselves as ICE officials.

ICE officials are creating fear on the streets of our neighborhoods, destroying the sanctity of our homes, and breaking up families. Their tactics reek of racial profiling and rely on the community’s fear and lack of knowledge of their legal rights.

We demand an immediate halt of immigration enforcement activities that profile individuals and terrorize communities.

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