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The Liberal Party of Ontario are introducing a new tax in Ontario that is unfair to Ontarians. People will be paying more for basic necessities such as housing, toiletries, hydro and water bills, gasoline, food and much more .........

The Ontario government claims that its proposed income tax reductions will offset the 8 per cent increase in the sales tax portion of the HST but this is not true. We have to stop this unfair tax increase.

Come on fellow Ontarians together we can make a difference. STOP this unfair tax increase.

The Liberal party has done nothing but raise our taxes. They introduced the health tax - WHAT HAS THIS ACCOMPLISHED? We are still waiting for hours in emergency rooms, waiting for months to see specialists and also for treatments such as MRIs, etc.

Look at the billions of our tax dollars that have been wastefully spent by E-Health Ontario.

We Ontarians have to stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH NO MORE TAXES - Together we can do this so please sign this petition and let us send a message to the Premier and MPs that we run this province not the politicians.

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