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Saint Lucia

The last St Lucian beaches are being lost to developers, seeking only personal profit.

Trouya Beach and Cove is one of the last beaches in the North of the
island that is accessible to locals to "lime", play music and cookout.

The proposed hotel development will stop this. It will build on the "Queens Chain" up to the beach, putting a 52 room structure in place of the current natural environment.

The Developer is leveraging his ownership of a mere 30,000sq ft approx of private land adjoining the "Queens Chain" to apply for the lease on 130,000sq ft.

Trouya land is currently zoned for public use and residential and should stay that way.

We, the undersigned, call for the Government of St Lucia and the Commissioner of Crown Lands to deny the change of use of Trouya Beach to "Touristic Development."

We call for the Development Control Authority to recognise that the development is, in effect, a total "touristic Development and not mixed use as the future owners will "lease back" to the hotel.

We call for the Commissioner of Crown Lands and the DCA to deny the application and to turned this beautiful area into a parkland, permanently.

To ensure that Trouya beach will always be a public amenity for all St Lucians' and visitors and not a private playground for the privileged few.

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