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City of Colorado Springs
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The City of Colorado Springs is considering approving a cell tower on El Paso County land parcel 36-13-66. This development will cause hardship on the local residents and environment as outlined below.

The land parcel in question is a 5 acre open space enjoyed by wildlife and those who hike the Homestead Trail. Currently on the proposed build site there is a dormant cell tower, structurally unsound to hold modern equipment. The cell tower site is a small section of the larger 5 acre parcel owned by Century Link. County tax records show Century Link pays no taxes on this residentially zoned land. They lease the small fenced site where the tower stands to a company named Vertical Bridge. This company proposes a construction project to strengthen the tower, which then would allow up to four cell companies to place high power RF transmitters on the new pole. The site is only accessible via easement across four residential properties.

Local residents oppose this plan due to severe detriment to quality of life, real estate values and the environment. The most extreme consequence is an increased risk of cancer to those living in the high danger zone. Two peer-reviewed scientific journal studies indicate long term near-constant exposure to RF radiation at close proximity to the tower increases cancer risk four-fold. Other quality of life impacts include sleep disruption, hormonal imbalances and an increased risk of mood disorders. All of these concerns are documented in multiple peer-reviewed science journals from around the world (references listed below). Two homes are inside 50 meters to the tower (extreme danger zone); Approximately 190 residences are within 350 meters (high danger zone).

Because many of today's consumers are armed with the knowledge of the negative effects of living close to a cell tower, real estate property values will decrease if this tower is approved. This would create hardship for those homeowners situated near the tower who have done nothing to deserve lower property values. Those who choose to move away following the tower construction will suffer the additional expense of paying relocation costs.

This 5 acre parcel of land is a lovely example of the natural environment. It is home to many local wildlife species whose patterns of life would be disrupted by the construction and subsequent use of the land for high power RF transmissions.

All this damage and hardship to the community so one large company that does not pay tax on the land makes money from another large company that is unconcerned with the damage done to the local community. There is no demonstrated gap in infrastructure coverage that would benefit the greater public. Just one more tower to add to the networks.

Though the Telecommunications Act of 1996 does not allow us to prevent this tower on health concerns alone, the many above-mentioned hardships are reason enough for the city to stop the renovation of this tower. Help call on the City of Colorado Springs to deny the permit to reconstruct this tower.

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For Additional Reference to peer-reviewed scientific journals on health and current events regarding the cell tower placement debate nationwide please visit the following websites:



We, the undersigned, call on the City of Colorado Springs to deny the construction application for Vertical Bridge to rebuild the dormant cell phone tower on the El Paso county land parcel 36-13-66. This tower will hold up to four high power RF cell transmitters that will disrupt quality of life for local residents and wildlife. This tower will cause financial hardship to local residents in the form of reduced property value and relocation costs for those who are concerned about the health implications. Protect the citizens of Colorado Springs and prohibit the construction of this cell tower.

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