Recognize the Impact of Low Income community Paying for HYDRO

Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) policy and Hydro cost have been a challenge for tenants. This issue will not resolve itself, if we the tenants do not begin to make this issue an overwhelming topic about the cost at broad meetings for discussions.

In 2016, the Liberals reform our energy consumption and yet still the 'we' the tenants residing in TCHC do not feel the impact of the clean energy cost reduction. With the increasing cost of living, food, transformation, and educational upgrading; hydro is a cost that is beginning to be an issue for most or all tenants (who are students, students-single mothers/fathers, people with physical/mental/emotional diversity).

If you are provided Financial assistance or ODSP, how can you paid for basic monthly cost of living and accommodation without farther adjustment to either TCHC policy or Ontario Works access.

'We' need our municipal and federal government to discuss or implement a plan that can assist or provide more funding through Ontario Works to help without hassle, stress, or shame.

"We" the residence within (TCHC) is requesting our federal or provincial government to address our challenge in making the basic amenities not impair our daily and monthly livelihood. Please recognized that our Ontario Works and ODSP intersectional to rent, transportation, food, and basic family needs are difficult and challenging as human beings. We want our assisstance (OW or ODSP) to provide access to help our hydro cost WITHOUT shame or a hassle from our workers/supervisors.

I am signing this petition because i am a resident within TCHC, where the overwhelming cost of HYDRO affects and impacts my household and livelihood. I am over 12 years of age.

This petition is to explore ways we can develop a conversation to implement a plan that can assist tenants and household live within the basic needs of equity and poverty prevention.

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