Hon. Fred Mitchell MP, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration

The electorate pleaded with every administration for four decades, to implement measures to protect the Bahamas and Bahamians from the enduring illegal Haitian migrant invasion without resolution.

This lack of action has lead to total mistrust and feelings of betrayal in those elected based on promises to the citizenry of the Bahamas.

General consensus of Bahamians today is, we are about to cross the point of no return with illegal Haitian migration, as their prevalence in our society strongly indicates their numbers are equal to, if not greater than ours with 10.5 Million more Haitians at the ready to risk life and limb to get here.

Tax paying law abiding Bahamians are deprived of jobs, adequate education and medical care because our society, schools, hospitals and clinics are absolutely overwhelmed with Haitian nationals.

Thousands of Bahamians are unemployed since Haitians have systematically infiltrated virtually every profession by acquiring trades from Bahamians then undermining those Bahamians by filling these trades, jobs and services for lesser wages.

As evidenced by 6 article links below, Haitians smuggle themselves into our country, engage in every illicit and corrupt activity imaginable, incontrovertibly compromised the police force, defense force, immigration department, passport office, civil services’ and the highest levels of government.







Known to be inherently corrupt, Haitians clandestinely network nationally to undermine Bahamians and authority at every level, have proven to have no respect for our laws, pay no taxes, yet benefit from free education, medical and social assistance, on the backs of tax paying Bahamians, whom they have reduced to second-class citizens by efficiently disenfranchising them from jobs and rightfully entitled state conveniences.

In the interest of protecting present and future generations of indigenous Bahamians, our way of life, and the national security of our country, and to discourage and reverse the perpetually escalating Haitian invasion:

As your employers, we the undersigned citizens, registered voters and peoples' of the Bahamas, standing in solidarity, hereby petition the Government of the Bahamas to expeditiously legislate the following policies and measures:

1) Revoke, recall and review for authenticity every work permit, citizenship and passport issued to Haitian nationals post Independence July 10, 1973.

2) Revoke citizenship's granted to all Haitian nationals and their offspring obtained post Independence July 10, 1973.

3) Post Independence July 10, 1973 qualifying Haitian nationals and any offspring will qualify for residency status with a right to work only.

4) Table all treaties with Haiti post Independence July 10, 1973 for public review.

5) Define the path to citizenship as by marriage to Bahamians only after 10 successful years of said marriage retroactive post Independence July 10, 1973.

6) Impose a fine of $10,000.00 and or 2 years imprisonment for any individual found guilty of aiding, abetting, harboring, smuggling, hiring or otherwise dealing with illegal migrants of Haitian and or any nationality.

7) Revoke the citizenship, regularization, residency and or work permits of any naturalized or regularized person found guilty of aiding, abetting, harboring, smuggling, hiring or otherwise dealing with illegal migrants of Haitian and or any nationality, and deport and blacklist such individuals’ from reentry to the Bahamas.

8) Any individual found guilty of hiring illegal Haitian migrants in addition to imposed finds shall be held responsible for all repatriation cost.

9) All funds obtained by any illegal migrant(s) thru unlawful gainful employment shall be confiscated prior to deportation.

10) Revoke all applications for name changes which facilitates identity theft of indigenous Bahamian names.

These measures are designed as disincentives to, and the denationalization of Haitian nationals as they have proved beyond doubt to be the single major threat to national security, the very existence of Bahamians as an indigenous people, our way of life, and sovereignty of the Bahamas.

After four decades of procrastination by all administrations without remedy, it is necessary that WE THE PEOPLE demand far-reaching measures are implemented for our own self-preservation as a people.

Naturally, we expect some backlash and negative feedback from various international and human rights quarters. However, WE THE PEOPLE OF THE BAHAMAS, stand firmly in our belief that inaction short of the above would certainly lead to the self-inflicted genocide of our people.

We know and understand you are under pressure from various sides on this very controversial issue. Please rest assured that WE THE PEOPLE OF THE BAHAMAS stand 100% firmly behind you, and look forward to demonstrating our support with your compliance.

We, the undersigned, hereby mandate the Government of the Bahamas to expeditiously legislate and impose the aforementioned actions, to protect the sovereignty of our country and indigenous people of the Bahamas.

The culture, way of life and very existence of 350,000 Bahamians are threatened and are at stake by the relentless invasion of 10.5 Million Haitians.

WE THE PEOPLE OF THE BAHAMAS built this country for ourselves, and future generations of Bahamians. We WILL NO LONGER sit by idly and allow Haitians, or any other foreign nationality to take from us what is God given and rightfully ours!

We ask that you sign and circulate this petition by social media, email and word of mouth right away to STOP THE HAITIAN INVASION OF THE BAHAMAS!

Thank You,
Bahamas Nationalist Alliance
and The Undersigned

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