#Human Rights
The The Right Honorable Paul Martin

I wrote this petition after learning of the genocide happening in Darfur Sudan.

I could not possibly sleep at night knowing I was passively doing nothing about such a humanitarian crisis.

The Honorable Prime Minister Paul Martin,

We, (the undersigned) call upon you to be our voice, to speak out to the world about the humanitarian crisis taking place in Darfur Sudan. This region has suffered a government backed- militia attack, where approximately 2 million human beings have been forced from there homes, tens of thousands of theses human beings killed and another 200 000 forced to flea there homes to Chad. This attack began in 2003. Here we are in 2005 and people are still dying!

We recognize your contribution to this cause, and are greatly appreciative, but we feel this matter is in need of further drastic pursuit. We call upon you to take action. We ask you to send our Canadian armed forces to Darfur Sudan to provide adequate protection of the oppressed Sudanese people.

We cannot simply wait until a political solution is settled, two years have already passed, enough people have died, and it's time we did something.

Sincerely, the undersigned

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