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Nigerian National Assembly Abuja

The Igbo and other Biafrans have consistently been the target of the military wing of the muslims of Northern Nigeria named Boko Haram. If indeed the people of the east of the Niger (otherwise known as Biafrans) are truly accepted as free and equal members of the Nigerian society, how come they have been marked for systematic extermination?

How come the bloody and ferocious ethnic cleansing exercise directed against them in 1966, an operation that has never really stopped, has only now taken form of these one-sided contemporary attacks.

The Igbos and other Biafrans assume that their citizenship would offer them protection, if not by the respect of citizenship by fellow-citizenry, then as the duty of the State of Nigeria.

We, the undersigned, call on the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to take sweeping measures to halt the ethnic cleansing, prosecute the perpetrators of past killings and ensure the security of the life and property of every Biafran, in every part of the country, as the constitution provides, failing which they would be left with no other option than to erect new and separate instruments to secure their own security.

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