#Animal Welfare
Fraser's Trading post
United States of America

Animals are brutally slaughtered all around the world to benefit the fur trade and leather industry. Often, the animals are beaten to death and then skinned or simply skinned alive. It is inhumane, sick, and wrong. Let's put a stop to the use of fur and leather together.

Fraser's Trading Post,

We, the undersigned, acknowledge that your company uses the use of deer, racoon, otter, beaver, fox, mink, muskrat, coyote, bear, moose, ducks, fish, and bobcat skins, furs, and even bodies as products to sell.

We are opposed to your use of dead animals to make money and politely ask you, if not to stop the selling of fur and leather, to at least realize that your company is contributing to the murder of innocent and defenceless animals everyday.

Thank you for your time.

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