#Animal Rights
China Fur Factorys, Designer Stores Supporting Fur, & Law Change Regulations In China, US & AU

I have seen many terrible things in my time, but the fur industry has truly disgusted me beyond words.
Beyond the countless videos of cruel and speechless acts of cruelty, it's pure sick, evil, and vile, to treat any living being in such regard.
Why is it we will put another human in jail, and give a death consonance if they harm another, yet the same regulations and rules do not apply to animals.
Do you know most animal abusers in Australia, only get a fine and get banned from owning an animal for a period of time? Some don't even get that penalty. This does not stop them from doing the act in secret... you wouldn't take the chance with someone who did this to a human, why are we letting animal abuses off so easily?
We all get once chance in this world, why do I see so many people poisoned or so narrow-minded as to animal awareness and cruelty,
Why do animal abusers do what they do? I for one will never understand how we can not come to respect and love our animals as part of our history & future as companions in this world, and not to be used, or abused or neglected in any sense just because they do not have a voice.
I see all these other countries like China do unspeakable acts to our animals for their fur & dog meat trade and not only do they kill them slowly, they torture them alive.
As graphic as some of these videos are we must remember this animal cannot speak for themselves, you must stand up, stand forward, and help - your time can very well save a life if you allow it to. I am sure we are all so sick of seeing the torture and suffering these animals have to endure.
Everyday there are 1000's suffering, and you can do something.
We have investigated the companies that support fur, and that are putting all these animals at risk, and through daily toucher. Please have your say to these companies and sign the petitions through one form attached to help stop the fur industry as well as demand new laws and regulations are upheld for animal abusers.

We, the undersigned, want to have harsher animal rights laws and regulations, as well as to stop all industries/products that endanger the life and well-being of animals. To prevent all acts of torcher, and have penalties to people conducting said acts on animals. This petition will be sent to
David Pujades COO of Revolve, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, The animal testing companies in Australia.

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