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For 12 years Forest Neighbours have been opposing the clear felling of the Black Brook Reserve. We have asked that the trees be managed by thinning and making clearings and rides to make it a better environment for people, birds and animals; opening up the canopy so that plants can flourish and gradually transform the landscape.

Originally the plan was to fell over 25 years but the present plan is to use contractors and heavy machinery to remove the trees over the next five years. This will destroy the biodiversity and the land will take years to recover.


We the undersigned, plead with the Forestry Commission not to grant a licence to the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust to fell the remaining conifers on Gib Tor Brund Hill, now known as Black Brook, which has been nominated by the BBC as a Breathing Place important for the sighting of breeding birds.

The 2002-6 fellings have ravaged the landscape, biodiversity and the wildlife that has made its habitat there for the last 30 years. The felling licence includes a Woodland Improvement Grant to replant the land with native trees to encourage the return of lesser redpolls, tree pipits and willow warblers. But these birds have nested happily in the conifers since the 1970s and 80s, long before the SWT bought the woods in 1995.

We insist that discussions with the local community continue until an environmentally acceptable management solution is found.

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