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Pangani Mosque & School Association

The Committee members of the Pangani Mosque & School Association have decided to expel CCPC (Community Policing Project in exsistence for 15 years now) from its current location at the Madrassa premises.

Although their letter claims that they require space to build more Madrassa class rooms here, these committee members have personalized the issue and have decided to expel us from here for reasons that you will be shocked to hear about.

The fact is that they want us to tow their rope, and follow their every command. They want us to participate in their personalized religious functions.

They do not understand that CCPC is an organization that will operate and serve people of all communities, irrespective of color, creed and religious beliefs. Even if we are located at the Madrassa hall, we have a duty to serve all other citizens within the area.

Not attending any religious functions is being taunted as one of the reasons for removing us from there. They believe that we are not praying at their mosque, hence we should not be allowed to operate from their Madrassa.

They have tried to keep some of the people who are very long time area residents, (and also happen to be CCPC members) from joining the Pangani Mosque & School Association by revoking their memberships right from the doorsteps of the Registrars office. They have tried to sabotage us by trying to allegedly plant on us perverted allegations. Don’t you wonder why ?

Dear resident, please note that only 2 members of the Pangani Mosque Committee are residents of the area. The rest are all well to do people from outside areas. How can their interest lie in your security? Obviously they don’t benefit from CCPC. But what about you the residents !! They are not interested in how it affects you !! They don’t what to know what happens to your family, your sons, daughters and your friends. When thugs strike at night, these people will not be there to help you. CCPC has been instrumental in preventing crime in the area for the last 14 years now. We have once again purchased a vehicle to patrol the area at night with the Police officers. The Kenya Police has always been in the fore front to assist us.

CNN/CCPC has been instrumental in distributing relief food, items, clothes, shoes etc to the poor of the area and beyond. We have been instrumental in providing you the residents with 2 free medical camps in the last 2 years. We have been instrumental in conducting the 1999 Population Census (Starehe Constituency) right from this very location.

Remember how we provided Police security for the Census people, and also those that were actually coming into your premises for filling in the necessary census information from you. It has taken us quite a lot of time, effort and money to come up to this level.

It will be very much unfair to this area if these few non-residents of the area decide not to have CCPC operating from here, for their very personnel reasons.

We, the undersigned, call on The Pangani Mosque & School Association to:

1. Stop harrsing the CCPC community Policing unit that has been located at the Pangani Madrassa Hall for the past 15 years now.

2. Revoke your letter of "Notice to vacate".

3. Stop using religion in the most illicit way to achieve your demands.

4. Stop being racisict and discriminative.

The Stop the expulsion of CCPC from the Madrassa Hall. It belongs to the community. petition to Pangani Mosque & School Association was written by Khawaja Sohail Deen and is in the category Neighborhood Living at GoPetition.

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