#Human Rights
Andrew Rifkin, Managing Partner to DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners
United States of America

Many artists who created the Arts District scene have already been driven out of the community that they built. Now, longtime residents of the Arts District in an area once known as a part of historic Little Tokyo are facing evictions at the hands of NYC Real Estate company, DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners. Many of the residents at 800 Traction Avenue are Japanese American and Japanese community artists who have been serving Little Tokyo, enriching its cultural life for decades.

Keep artists that developed the "Arts District" in their homes. Defend Little Tokyo for Japanese Americans.

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The Arts District has been undergoing gentrification displacing the community of artists that helped to create it. Located in the eastern part of Little Tokyo, one of the last true artists' loft building, at 800 Traction Avenue, has been sold and the tenants face evictions. These Japanese and Japanese American artists and residents are cultural treasures of the community with no adequate relocation options nearby.

Support the artists and residents of the Arts District and Little Tokyo. No evictions!

We, the undersigned, request:

1. That DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners CEASE their attempts to evict the renters residing at 800 Traction Avenue.

2. That Andrew Rifkin, managing partner to DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners, come speak directly with residents of 800 Traction Avenue to address their concerns.

These evictions are an extension of a 75-Year history of forced displacement of Japanese Americans. From mass incarceration into WWII concentration camps, to the destruction of low-income housing and small businesses by big banks in the 70's and 80's, the community has fought for Little Tokyo's survival. The artists of 800 Traction Ave. standing up against evictions are a part of the culture of resistance to displacement. What is an “Arts District” without artists? What would Little Tokyo be without Japanese Americans?

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