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USA congress+ gov, EU parliament+ governments,Aust, AU, UN+S. council, Human Rights Organisations

The Ogaden Somali people are under the colonial rule of Ethiopia. The current regime consistently violates their rights-tortures, rape and extra-judicial killings are the norm.

The territory is administrated under an undeclared martial law and no independent reporter is allowed except government sponsored ones. Ogaden Somali refugees who flee the atrocities of Ethiopia used to find refuge all over the world specially countries in The Horn of Africa.

Recently Ethiopia invaded Somalia and is currently hunting down all Ogaden refugees and is conducting an ethnic cleansing of the Ogaden in Somalia too. Scores have been killed so far just because they are from the Ogaden.

Even the Kenyan government is participating in rounding Ogaden Somalis who are fleeing the Ethiopian and crossing its borders in violation of international human rights conventions. Recently Kenya handed over five people from the Ogaden who are currently being tortured in Addis Ababa.

We, the undersigned, appeal to the international community to avert this disaster in the making as it would not be of any value to the victims any lamenting in hindsight as is the custom nowadays.

We particularly ask the UN, AU, EU and The USA to intervene in time and take this issue seriously in order to avert a catastrophy in the making against a poor, stateless and voiceless nomadic people whose rights is being trampled over without recourse to any justice from any quarter.

We ask the international community to look into the human tragedy in the Ogaden and seriously address the Ogaden- Ethiopian conflict and help find a lasting solution to the never ending crisis in the Horn of Africa this problem engenders.

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