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Concerned citizens, permanent residents, second homeowners and friends of Hope Town

This petition was circulated in and around Elbow Cay to allow Citizens, permanent residents, second Home owners and friends, to voice their opposition to the Elbow Cay Club and Marina development that is before Hope Town Council for “Approval in Principle”.

The Petitioning period has ended for the 20 August Council meeting. We were able to submit 454 signatures. We are keeping this petition going so others can also have a voice. Please sign the petition if you are opposed to this development as presented to Council.

Thank you for your support

Petition To Stop The Elbow Cay Club And Marina

We the undersigned - citizens of the Bahamas, permanent residents, second homeowners and friends- are completely opposed to the building of the Elbow Cay Club and Marina as presented to Hope Town Council on 16 July 2009 by Mr. Mark Mason of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina on behalf of Elbow Cay Club, Ltd.

We believe this extensive development will cause major impacts to the Elbow Cay environment both on land and sea (including but not limited to the Sea of Abaco, Fry’s Mangrove, marine life, bird habitat, and terrestrial wildlife ) It will negatively impact our island’s already strained infrastructure- including but not limited to electricity, telephones, garbage, roads, fire, emergency/medical services and parking. We feel it will spoil our local amenity and have serious consequences for the local community and local business establishments now and for future generations.

Elbow Cay is a small community on an island that is six-miles long and half a mile wide.....this development is too big not in keeping with our community NOW or in the FUTURE!

We respectfully petition the officers and elected members of Hope Town Council to refuse permission for this development.

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