#City & Town Planning
The Dept. of Growth Management, Ocala, Fl.
United States of America

UPDATE: 2/17/2022: Belleair Development LLC intends to redevelop the property into a 84-unit multifamily residential Planned Development.

We must take action to stop this NON LOCAL BUILDER/COMPANY from changing our zoning district and building a LOW INCOME 4 and 6 unit Duplex community !!!! Please stand with us in Saddlewood Estates and surrounding neighborhoods like Fore Ranch and Country Oaks who have the following concerns and plan to STOP this project in its tracks.


-These are rental apartments, not for purchase
-Rental properties = a lot of people in/out and OFTEN
-Developer is from Tampa, not local. (build and overpopulate your own town/city!)
-Low income housing = crime
-Low income housing = negative property value
-78 three bedroom units = too much traffic!!! On less than 10 acres zoned agricultural
-Cramming in a development all for money by non local developers, putting no thought into those living on this property or nearby
-protect agricultural properties and stop the city from coming on top of our neighborhood
-Saddlewood Elementary OVERCROWDING (more condos are going up in Fore Ranch, Evergreen Elementary closed down and Saddlewood received a lot of their students)
-Dangerous for our kids to walk home from school now with heavier traffic and NO sidewalks
-Change in city limits affect and increase our property tax rate

We can’t allow this to happen!! Help by signing this petition and showing up to the meeting on Monday, March 14, 2022 @ 5:30pm in the City Council Chambers/second floor of City Hall/110 S.E. Watula Ave. or ZOOM/ https://zoom.us/j/97314299662

Thank you for helping us protect our neighborhood, our children, our school and the family living on this beautiful property they mindlessly want to OVER develop.

I wish to express OBJECTION of the request to change future land use classifications and the change of zoning as well as the development project planning to create a new community of duplex homes on parcel 23866-001-00 & 23867-000-00 // case# PD20-0009 and LUC20-0004 // beside Saddlewood Estates, Ocala, Fl.
Let this request he knows to the Department of Growth Management, David Boston, 201 S.E. 3rd street, second floor, Ocala, Fl. 34471

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