People from Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull
United Kingdom

Coventry City Council, in conjunction with Warwickshire County Council and Solihull Council, has proposed plans to build a new “Super-Incinerator”. This has been done without a public consultation and without a waste strategy from Coventry City Council.

This will affect increasing rates of recycling due to the large and steady flow of waste needed for the incinerator to burn so that contractual obligations can be met.

Incineration produces vast amounts of Carbon Dioxide which contributes to climate change and also emitts dioxins and dust particles harmful to human health.

We the undersigned call upon Coventry City Council, Solihull Council and Warwickshire County Council to halt their plans for a giant waste incinerator at Whitley in Coventry.

We ask that each council works to drastically cut the amount of waste produced and provide recycling facilities to equal the best available in mainland Europe.

We ask that any remaining local waste be treated without incineration in a modern plant without hazardous emissions into our atmosphere.

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