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Developer: 335 Meadowside Road LLC - Fields Brothers - Christopher F. Field of 17 Beacon Hill Lane, Milford
Location: 335 Meadowside Road. Milford, CT 06460

NEXT PLANNING AND ZONING MEETING: Tuesday, June 2, 2015 at 7:30 at the City Hall Auditorium, 110 River St. (PLEASE ATTEND!)

The purpose of this petition is to adequately represent the concerns of neighbors in and around the Meadowside Road area related to the proposed 18 "affordable housing" units slated to be built on a lot barely 1-acre in size at 335 Meadowside Road.

This development will dramatically and negatively impact people living in Milford, Connecticut, especially those living in the immediate neighborhood of Meadowside Road and its various cross-streets. Traffic, safety, and health concerns are not only valid, but substantial. Our community's quality of life will be adversely impacted by the clear overcrowding of this small piece of property; run-off with associated flooding, garbage collection and retrieval, and lack of adequate parking/overflow areas are just a few of the issues we will encounter. Can anyone imagine more cars exiting onto Meadowside Road? How about parking on Meadowside Road? Or on the adjacent smaller side-streets?

Developers like Garden Homes and the Fields Brothers cannot be allowed to circumvent our local zoning laws using the 803-g statute as a mask for their real motive - greed. Make no mistake, the ONLY reason developers use this statute is to get what they want, where they want it, knowing local zoning regulations prohibit it. A few years ago, the Fields Brothers were denied by P&Z to build two single-family homes on this same piece of property due to health and safety concerns. Now they expect to build 18 units???!!!

Please join us in making sure developers like the Fields Brothers know the people of Milford Connecticut cannot just be walked on and walked over.


We, the undersigned, urge our leaders and the City of Milford, CT to reject the request for this development by 335 Meadowside Road LLC, the Fields Brothers, and all of their affiliates.

We appeal to City Planners, Planning and Zoning Commissioners, State of CT and City Council members of Milford, Connecticut, to OPPOSE the proposed 335 Meadowside Road LLC, 18 unit "affordable housing" development.

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