Home Secretary, Theresa May
United Kingdom

Rania is our darling little girl. She is a phenomenal, amazing child. She is also profoundly disabled and has complex health needs. She was not born in the UK, and is our birth niece. We are in the process of adopting her. She has lived with us for nearly 3 years, and is 5 years old.

The Home Office want to deport her. This will result in her death as her medical needs cannot be met in Algeria, nevermind separation from her parents and sister - the only family Rania knows.

I call on the Home Secretary, Theresa May, to urgently reconsider her decision and allow Rania to remain in the United Kingdom, which will also enable the people she views as her parents to complete the adoption process.

Please do not hand this child a death sentence by deporting her to a country unable to meet her life sustaining needs and to people she does not know.

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