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The Empire Leicester in Newfoundpool is going to be demolished and turned into a Lidl. The building was built in 1832 and is an important part of Leicesters heritage and having Lidl demolish such an amazing looking building would be a great shame.

People of Leicester please come together to stop the demolition of the 1830s building as it an amazing building.

I am very aware that building this Lidl would make a lot of jobs available however I feel there are too many Lidl's and Aldi's with an Aldi and a CoOp around the corner in Woodgate I feel this Lidl would have no big benefit to being built and would be a big waste of money.

The Reason why I am so passionate about the building is because I go past The Empire everyday to get to my school, The building is so amazing looking for its age of around 135 years. In my opinion I feel that The Empire has so much more potential than a Lidl. In fact the reason why I am most passionate about saving the Building is because it has been my life long dream to own the Empire but unfortunately I'm only 16 and cannot.

So people of Leicester support me in saving this building and oppose lidl.

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