#Animal Rights
Indian Government

One of the most horrible forms of animal torture are the dancing bears of India. These native Sloth bear cubs are captured from their homes in the wild, their mothers killed.

Every captured cub must undergo the painful ordeal of having its sensitive muzzle pierced so that it can be controlled. It is held down without anaesthetic while a crude iron needle is heated in a coal fire and plunged in with a group of men holding the squealing cub tight. The tug of this rope, along with an intense fear of the strike of a heavy stick, motivates the bear to lift its legs in turn and 'dance'.

Before it is a year old, the bear's incisors and canine teeth will be wrenched out and sold as lucky charms. The toothless bear is unable to eat its natural diet, and this often leads to terminal intestinal disorders.

Every year, over 100 bear cubs are taken from the wild and sold or traded at markets to gypsies. Many of the cubs do not even survive the journey back to the village because of dehydration or traumatic ordeal. Despite the fact that there is a law against the capture and trade of bears in India, it is rarely enforced. This cruel fate happens to an estimated 1,200 of these adorable bear cubs each year. The poor animals live short lives of pain, misery, and premature death.

We, the undersigned, demand that the torture of training dancing bears by hitting them to death and making them dance be made illegal in India.

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