#Animal Rights
Iams Pet Products

Iams and its manufacturers conduct cruel and unnecessary laboratory tests on animals, including locking animals in cages and deliberately forcing healthy animals to eat contaminated and potentially lethal food.

They've also done such things as cutting chunks of muscle from dogs' thighs, hanging mice by their hind legs in crude muscle-atrophy experiments, and inducing gingivitis in beagles by cutting and stitching their gums. These tests are cruel and unnecessary and are not required by any law.

It is time for Iams to join the 21st century and abandon all laboratory testing on animals. In addition, Iams' shameful purchase of animals from breeders in order to confine them to cages for a minimum of six years - when the company could rely on humane feeding tests conducted in homes and in veterinary offices using animals volunteered by their guardians - must be ended.

Link to Video Proof - http://getactive.peta.org/campaign/peta2_iams/#

We, as a result of our love and care for animals, are asking Iams to stop torturing animals in their care, to stop inducing horrible and inhuman diseases upon them, and to stop killing helpless creatures.

By signing this, we refuse to buy any Iams products until they stop the testing.

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