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It is heartbreaking and cruel for an animal to live a life where they have no food, no water, and barely any place to move around. This is the reality of what dogs in puppy mills are faced to do daily. They profit from these animals by selling them to pet stores and customers not knowing the history of these puppies. Help put a stop to puppy mills all around the US by signing this petition and giving these puppies a chance at a loving life that they have always deserved but never received.

Imagine being locked in a wired cage hardly bigger than the size of your body and never being to come out of it. As horrifying as this may seem, these conditions are the reality of what dogs in puppy mills are faced to do daily. No one really knows the reality of how bad these conditions are except for the actual animals living in these dreadful, terrifying, uncomfortable cages, and because of the shocking conditions dogs face in these mills, the government should ban and shut down puppy mills across the whole US. My argument is not just to shut down puppy mills, it’s to give these startled, alone, petrified animals a chance to live a loving life, a life of which that they have always deserved but never received. These cruel people that have created this environment for these animals, don't have a heart. I find it brutal and heartbreaking that these people don't have a care in the world to actually think about what these animals have suffered. Puppy mills are cruel places that mistreat and breed dogs only to make money. The animals are forced to breed at every chance available and when they can no longer produce puppies, they are often either abandoned or massacred. Puppy mill owners are not concerned about the health or genetic quality about the being, only the visible features and this causes the animal to have genetic problems such as heart diseases, endocrine disorders, blindness, etc. These are just a few of what all animals in puppy mills suffer. Not only are puppy mills that produce many unhealthy and neglected puppies a problem, many customers purchase these puppies from pet stores or the internet, without knowing what breeder they are coming from, or the history behind these adorable and playful puppies. According to the Humane Society, "99 percent of puppies come from these mills, no matter what the breeder or store says. 20 percent of the puppies don't even make it to stores. They die with terrible conditions and the ones who do get sold have undisclosed health issues." If you think that buying an animal from a pet store is actually saving a life, you are wrong. This actually helps and satisfies the puppy mill industries to produce more animals and sell them for business. Help put an end to puppy mills and supply these animals a future at a loving life by signing this petition and forbidding puppy mills everywhere in the US.

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