#Animal Welfare
Goverment of Tamil Nadu

Jallikattu is an age old tradition carried out in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

This tradition involves letting loose agitated bulls into large crowds of men (always). The objective of the game is to tame the bull without using any weapons. Sometimes, more than one bull is loose at the same time. The village farmers take this game as a display of their masculine strength.

It takes place on the eve of Mattu Pongal which is one of the four days of the Pongal festival which generally happens in January (around the 15).

Although the bulls are not killed they undergo the trauma of being chased and jumped upon by mobs of men who try to bring them down. And if this isn't enough The bulls are agitated by putting lemon juice and chili powder into their eyes, being starved and also given alcohol. Many a time their tails are cut as well which enrages them even more. The bulls are raised solely for this event.

The Supreme Court of India banned the sport on January 12th 2008 but right before pongal they lifted the ban due to a delegation sent by the TN government to them. Many people also said they would observe this pongal as a 'black pongal' if the ban wasn't lifted.

We, the undersigned, ask the government of Tamil Nadu to:

1. Ban the practice of Jallikattu throughout the state.

2. Rehabilitate the Jallikattu bulls.

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