Dudley Council and the Coseley Eco Park
United Kingdom

As part of the Coseley Eco Park (www.coseleyecopark.com), the land owners have requested permission to build an 'Energy Recovery Facility' using 'gasification' to turn landfill waste into power.

This is basically by EU definition an incinerator. They describe it as 'proven, clean and efficient', even though a recent consultation by Department of Energy & Climate Change concerning Renewable Obligations for 2013-17 describes 'gasification' as:

“. . . emerging and unproven technologies for the treatment of waste biomass and mixed municipal waste where there are number of technical issues to resolve, for example, achieving intended throughput and air emission standards."

Please help stop this facility as it is near homes, schools and a national nature reserve.

We the undersigned call on Dudley Council and the land owners to reject plans to build an Energy Recovery Facility or similar waste incinerator on land at the proposed Coseley Eco Park on the grounds that such a facility will have a significant adverse effect on neighbouring land uses, amenities and health of the community, including residential areas, schools and nature environments.

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The Stop the Coseley Eco Park Incinerator petition to Dudley Council and the Coseley Eco Park was written by Carla Lavender-Ward and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.