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First PBS announced that "Sesame Street" would kick off its 36th season this week with a multi-year story arc about healthy habits. No problem there; childhood obesity rates are soaring.

Then I learned of changes that turned my "Sesame Street" world upside down. The beloved blue, furry monster -- who sang "C is for cookie, that's good enough for me" -- is now advocating eating healthy. There's even a new song -- "A Cookie Is a Sometimes Food," where Cookie Monster learns there are "anytime" foods and "sometimes" foods.

Kids all around the world loved the Cookie Monster even myself Ryan Graf grew up with him and so did millions of other people. Cookie Monster is a popular Muppet character on the children's television show Sesame Street. He is best known for his voracious appetite and his famous eating phrases: "Me want cookie!", "Me eat cookie!", and "Omm nom nom nom" (said through a mouthful of food).

He often eats anything and everything, including danishes, donuts, and inedible objects such as salt and pepper shakers, napkins, telephones, and the four letters in the word "food". Once, he even attempted to eat Guy Smiley. As evidenced by his name, however, his favorite food is cookies. Chocolate-chip cookies are his favorite kind; oatmeal cookies are his second favorite.

In a song in 2004, Cookie Monster revealed that, before he ate his first cookie, he believes his name was Sid. He is known to have a mother, a younger sister, and an identically-designed cousin, who all share his characteristic blue fur and "googly eyes".

He also has a father, who appeared in a Monsterpiece Theater sketch promoting energy conservation, water conservation and environmentalism. Both Cookie Monster's mother and father share his enormous appetite, but this is no more.

People who sign this petition fight for the right of the originals of sesame street and still want the Cookie Monsters legacy to live on.

All who have grown up with the Cookie Monster should sign this he has reflected and made us have a great time in the past and all enjoyed it.

Yes, the are still many obesity children out in the world but is not all entirely the Cookie Monsters fault. The children themselves are not to blame for this either it just can happen. It could be in the genes of the children and even parents should watch what the children have eaten and they are the ones who complain about it.

The Cookie Monster is an original that will never die and will live on with his legacy but I think it would be write to bring him back. Not to mention the critics and owners of Sesame Street are most likely loosing money because more viewers have probably stopped watching the show.

I know this sounds really crazy but the Cookie Monster was and idol to all of us and the many kids around the world and we want to bring him back!

So if you grew up with the Cookie Monster not the Veggie Monster you will sign this in honor of him and help try and bring him back.

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