New Mexico Highlands University
United States of America

Currently the Gregg Housing Family Housing is infested with cockroaches. Promises have been made to get a new exterminator to eliminate this problem, but the promises have been empty one, there still has been no action taken.

These pests are carriers of many diseases and can cause respiratory problems, especially in children, and we need to take action now. The university should be aware of the problem since I have e-mailed the director of housing on several occasions complaining about the problem.

Let's take action now and demand immediate action be taken for our health, for our children, and for our safety

We, the undersigned, call on New Mexico Highlands University to take immediate action on the current infestation of cockroaches in the Gregg House Family Housing Units.

We demand NMHU take immediate action due to the health risks we are faced with due to the infestation.

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