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Mayor and Councillors of Horsham Rural City Council

Council is to give consideration to proceeding with building a proposed new sports stadium, next to the existing basketball stadium, McBryde Street and the North end of the Showgrounds.
If it proceeds, one of the significant impacts will be closure of McBryde Street. Were you aware of this?
Council has not conducted a comprehensive traffic analysis or safety assessment and therefore has no understanding of inevitable impacts that will arise if McBryde Street is closed.

A traffic study by HRCC in April 2017 included school days and Easter, with inadequate data collection points to provide a complete picture for all roads to the schools.
Vehicle numbers for McBryde St averaged 1,430 per day during school with nearly 60% less on weekday holidays. This followed closely behind Hamilton street with >1,550 per day, the highest of all streets surveyed. It is also noted that the data shown for Robinson St in this study was taken in 2015, so needs to be updated to be considered.

Of major concern is the impact of traffic on school days. McBryde, Hamilton and Baillie are the three main streets used to get to three schools and the Hospital.
High traffic volume to this area also affects Bowen and Smith St's, Sunnyside Ave, Carroll St, Pryors Rd, Peppertree Lane, and Knowles Street.

If McBryde Street is closed, vehicles will have to shift to Hamilton and other streets, heavily impacting on safety, congestion and access for residents in many streets.

Closure of McBryde also takes no account of the impact on existing and new residential development, the hospital and new cancer centre, growth of schools, sporting events at Coughlin Park, and access to the Showgrounds area, nor to the proposed new stadium.

We, the undersigned electors and ratepayers of the Horsham Rural City Council, in the State of Victoria, call on the HRCC to prevent the closure of McBryde Street for the proposed Sports Stadium because of the negative impacts on the Community travelling to and living East of Dooen Road and McPherson Street.

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