Melinda Carpenter
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Here are the changes trying to take place at East Franklin.

They are numbering kids 1-8 based on academic scores! Placing them in classes that way, not by what teachers will give them the best education and who will work best with the kids. This is how it works the 8 will go with 4, 7 with 3 and so on. From what I gather its based on literacy scores. Well what happens if your a 8 in english and a 2 in math??? Guess they will fall behind somewhere. Kids are smart they will realize this system and figure out who is smarter than who. That will only hurt kids feeling and cause friction between friends. They are just to young to be labeled.

Also changing is a blocked sched of 45 min.
Lunch and recess is in a combined 45 min block. By the time kids wait in line for food and eat that leaves lil to no recess time. They dont get PE everyday as it is. That leaves them with no release of energy and teachers will not be able to handle the students.There will be no time to get from class to class for teachers and students. By the time that teachers and students get from point a to point b they are left with about 30 min of teaching time. K-2 is left without assistant through parts of the day. Bus time for K is busy, they have no assistant to help go to car riders or bus which will leave kids alone in a class. But there will be at some point 3 assistants in other classes. Most teachers have not taught in other grades and not familiar with curriculum from other classes. Teachers will have to plan for 3 assistants, and teach a class. There is ALOT of loop holes in this schedule which will not benefit these children.

Teachers have alot to do now and if this takes affect they will be asked alot more of. Also this is alot to ask of a school who is also in the middle of a huge merger with another school.

We are asking you to sign this so that this change is not implemented at East Franklin.

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