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Mayor & Councillors of the County of Brant

A 55m telecommunication antennae support structure is in the planning stages to be erected at 391 Lynden Road in the county of Brant.

The Brant County Council Planning Advisory Committee has recommended that this tower be deferred until such time as the applicant has provided an alternate location for the erection of the telecommunication tower in order to satisfy the guidelines setup in the County of Brant Communication Tower & Communication Antennae Preferred Location Protocol; and to comply with the policies of the Official Plan.

We the undersigned petition the Mayor and the Councillors of the County of Brant to uphold the recommendation of the Planning Advisory Committee to defer the application of the telecommunication tower at 391 Lynden Road in the County of Brant based on the following facts:

1) Section 4.A of the Communications Protocol sets the General Location Preferences of the communications tower:

(d) New communication tower and communication antenna sites will be strongly discouraged within 120 metres of Residential Neighbourhoods, Natural Heritage System Features and other sensitive land uses as well as on listed and/or designated heritage buildings and sites.

2) The proposal does not meet the policies of CBOP 2012 as Section 3.17.2(f) states the communication towers shall not be located within the Natural Heritage System.

3) The proposed site has been identified by the Grand River Conservation Authority as subject to a potential erosion hazard.

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