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South Carolina Department of Transportation
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The purpose of this petition is to stop the "Cashua Drive Road Widening Project" which would widen South Cashua Drive from 3 lanes to 5 lanes from Second Loop Road to Celebration Blvd and from 2 lanes to 3 lanes from Celebration Blvd to Knollwood Rd (Forest Lake).

The widening project will begin in early 2014 and take about a year and a half to complete to approximately fall of 2015. The SCDOT, county of Florence, and city of Florence need to look at alternatives to this widening project such as improving the “cut through” corridors between Cashua Drive and Palmetto Street (Hwy 76).

Traffic issues, we feel, would be better improved with these alternatives.

Construction and the widening would effect many small businesses on South Cashua Drive. During the construction it will be almost impossible to reach local businesses in the area which would drastically effect business.

Many businesses would not survive the construction and be forced to close causing many people to lose their employment. For many other businesses, the widening project would completely eliminate their parking lots and/or their buildings causing them to be displaced. Many small businesses would not be able to re-locate due to the expense of moving, renovations in a new building, etc…so they would have no other alternative than to lay off all of their employees and close the doors to the business that they have worked so hard for many years to build.

Please sign the petition and help us stop the “Cashua Drive Road Widening Project” so we can continue to serve you, our customers, and our community.

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