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I am trying to give a voice to missing Caylee Anthony. We have all watched the sad details unfold, but the question still remains "Where is Caylee Anthony?".

My goal is to start a Petition to LIMIT the media focus and attention (circus) that has taken over the entire case, and try to provide more focus on finding baby Caylee Anthony.

I want to STOP the coverage of Casey's every move (what she buys in jail, hugging her lawyer etc) and get the media to try to use their efforts on finding Caylee Anthony and the status of the search's.

We are forced to hear about every move Casey makes, but not ONE move she has made in telling any truth as to where Caylee is, or what happened to her.

Please help me get this to the Media, so EVERYONE'S efforts can be used in finding Caylee. You can not even find a site anywhere on the internet that informs us of the search efforts, or where the search stands. That is pretty sad. Please help me give Caylee Anthony a voice and sign this petition.

And let's give Caylee some positive coverage, like she deserves!!

Thank you. God Bless Caylee Anthony.

We, the undersigned call on all of the media outlets and others covering the Caylee Anthony case and the Florida Government, to limit the coverage of Casey Anthony's every move (what she buys in jail etc) and keep the coverage on finding Caylee Anthony.

We are forced to hear about every move CASEY makes, but not ONE of those move she has made in assisting in finding Caylee.

We ask to save all the other details for the court room, Judge and Jury to decide. We appreciate the work you do as journalist, however we are much more concerned on the search/return of Caylee Anthony, and details pertaining to the case, not what Casey is buying in Jail etc.

We feel entirely too much time and efforts are being used covering Casey Anthony's "wrong doings" when ALL those efforts and resources should be used looking for Caylee Anthony.

Thank You.

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