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According to an interview with Bloomberg: "Barack Obama will classify carbon dioxide as a dangerous pollutant that can be regulated, opening the way for new rules on greenhouse gas emissions.

Obama will tell the Environmental Protection Agency that it may use the 1990 Clean Air Act to set emissions limits on power plants and manufacturers, That move would impose new regulation and taxes across the entire economy, something that is usually the purview of Congress. Further… "in the absence of Congressional action" 18 months after Mr. Obama's inauguration, the EPA would move ahead with its own unilateral carbon crackdown anyway.

Please put a stop to a tax that is just a money grab for our government. Taxing CO2 will not stop it or even slow it down but rather make a larger tax burden on the citizens of the USA. If this is approved the you could see a 40 to 70% increase in everything you buy.

Even the heater, water heater cook stove in your home will be taxed as well as your car, lawn mower motor cycle, scooter, food, utility's and so on.

Everything we do uses fossil fuel, natural gas even our electric will be taxed based on CO2 output. This must be stopped.

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