#Residential Disputes
Malta Planning Authority

Home owners living in triq il-Kan. Karmenu Pirotta, Birkirkara, already have an inconvenience that only 1 road leads to the housing area mentioned, with another sub road being very narrow.

To add further congestion in the already in-accessible road, a proposed development is to take place and start building a block of apartments on the piece of land which is currently the road leading to our homes. I find it highly inconvenient as I am the owner of the 1st terraced house on the existing street, and having this massive block built next to us will block the access and add congestion and traffic problems for us. On another note, in this road case in point, a large amount of water does pass directly from it, so building here would further add havoc the roads as rain water will have no where to go except our own homes.

In either scenarios, I do not see it viable to build here for the reasons already mentioned. Besides this, the development will be 5 stories high and this will interfere with the adjacent UCL (Urban Conservation Area).

I am creating this petition so that we can all sign it and submit a respresentation to the Planning Authority.

We sign the petition to stop the proposed development at Triq il-Kan. Karmenu Pirotta on the side of road next to "il-Palazz ta Santa Liena" as this will cause a major inconvenience.

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