All of the British citizens and the Government
United Kingdom

The British National Party and the National Front have been gaining support recently. We must ally against these thugs in suits. They do not represent the working class. Their policy is similar to that of Hitler, who also claimed to represent the working class, yet stopped the trade unions and took away the workers voice. We must now do something about the Nazis, apathy is the real danger.

We, as the British Working Class, will not support the BNP, or the NF, or any other Nazi organisation. We must not be apathetic about this, our freedom and lives are at risk. The Nazis being elected would be a blow to the economy, sanctions would be placed against the UK, companies would go bankrupt due to these sanctions, and those that do survive would treat their workers badly, just as happened in Germany. Please vote in all elections, for true representatives of the British Working Class. This is the best way of stopping the Nazis, and takes the least effort. Even better still, organize demonstrations, run for candidate of a working class party and expose the truth behind the Nazis. But still remember, every vote counts - all of the currently elected Nazis only got in by a few votes.

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