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The term Rohingya (Bengali) was coined by Islamic extremists during 1950s to islamize Burma during its turmoil after independence. Since the colonial time, there were many attempts by Islamists to secede Burma especially in the western part which had been flooded with illegal immigration of Muslims. There were numerous incidents in which native Buddhists Rakhine villages and people were destroyed.

During 1980s and 90s, Rohingya (Bengali) organizations became powerful with the aids from the Arab Islamists and Bengali Islamists' man-power. At the same time, Burma has been facing great difficulty and it is the right moment for the Rohingya invaders to jihad Burma and finish its existing cultures especially the Buddhism. That is the reason why they are propagating Rohingya in full force to be an ethnicity of Burma so that it can become a Trojan Horse and terminate its native people and their cultures inside out.

Thousands of Bengali-Rohingya fought with Talibans against US and their grand plan to make Burma an Islamic state has been exposed publicly from the records seized by international forces. They are stopped now for a while but if we are naive and ignorant about their ongoing threat, Burma will be just another Afghanistan where forgotten Buddhist Holocaust is gravely reminding us.

Therefore, we must make the right effort now to stop this disaster and the following is our request for that matter:

Government of Myanmar should step up its effort to prevent the dangers facing by its native people and ethnicities from Rohingya invasion;

International governments should launch investigative bodies to find out the Rohingya organizations which have links with terrorism and save Burma from breaking into Islamic state;

And, many democratic forces of Burma are caught up with the looming threat from these extremists unaware and unguarded and thus this great threat should be studied deeply and broadly for the future democracy of Burma.

Finally, we have gratitude on all people regardless of their origins in fighting the terrorism which will doom the humanity.

Stop Bengali-Rohingya Invasion into Burma

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