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Councils of the Townships of East Garafraxa and Centre Welington and the Ministry of the Environment

On February 2, 2010 Invenergy Wind Canada submitted a project description report (1) for the construction of the Belwood Wind Energy Centre. This project would see the construction of 25-35 wind turbines in the area 5km northwest of the Town of Belwood in Ontario Canada.

We oppose this project for the following reasons:

A. Property Blight – wind energy projects have the capacity to reduce land value and resale potential (2).

B. Visual Impact – wind farms rob the natural beauty of the landscape and are seen negatively by both residents and tourists (3).

C. Health Concerns – the long-term effect of wind turbine exposure is unknown, however the uncertainty has lead to a moratorium in other Townships (4) until true health implications are known. Wind turbines create stray voltage which may cause deleterious effects to the health of humans and livestock of human consumption (5). Wind turbines have been associated with disturbed sleep, chronic headaches, stress, epileptic seizures and heart disease (6) (7) (8).

D. Community Impact – unrelenting noise from turbine blade operation and wind farm construction is a constantly reported nuisance in communities with established wind farms, causing annoyance, irreversible destruction of native flora and fauna (birds, bats, owls, etc), and a decreased quality of life (2) (3) (6) (9).

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We, the undersigned, oppose the '"Belwood Wind Energy Centre Project" and disapprove any construction of wind turbines by Invenergy Wind Canada or any other developer in the Townships of East Garafraxa and Centre Wellington.

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