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The BBFC have banned the game Manhunt 2, saying it is 'Morally irresponsible'. Even though many ultra violent/graphic films such as 'Hostel 2' have been awarded 18 certificates Manhunt has been shunned.

It seems that the BBFC has fallen prey to political pressure over this game, with many people suggesting that the original Manhunt was the cause of a stabbing of a 14 year old boy in 2004; even though a police investigation determined the motive of the stabbing was robbery, and the only relation between the game Manhunt and the attacker was that he owned a copy*.

*Many people have commented that it was the 14 year old victim who owned a copy of the game and not the attacker. At the moment though I am only going by what the BBC have reported on the incident (See sources).


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Here is a link to a Facebook group about the Ban that people can join to discuss and find out more info:


Please Sign this Petition if you wish to see the BBFC Ban on Manhunt 2 lifted and an 18 certificate applied to this game.

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