#Civil Rights
Colorado Board of Education
United States of America

My baby sister was recently SUSPENDED from Lamar Middle School Lamar School District RE2, for wearing a "I <3 BOOBIES" bracelet, supporting breast cancer awareness among the younger crowd. She was sent home crying because they would not allow her to wear it.

Awareness means a lot to her and my entire family, if it wasn't for my mother being aware and getting checked last minute, her breast cancer would have been over looked and taken her life. She survived it, and we support the awareness in any which way possible.

Please help me petition to stop the banning of these awareness bracelets across the U.S. its unneeded censorship!!!

I, and many others, request that the Lamar School District RE-2 lift the unneeded ban of "I <3 BOOBIES" accessories.

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