#Animal Rights
Australian government and the Prime Minister

Australian governments are removing all brumbies from National parks by several methods the cruellest method is aerial slaughter. Shooting from helicopters at frightened horses running for their lives, leaving the carcasses in place where they fall.

Animals wander around for days till dropping dead babies die of thirst after their mother is killed. little ones break legs trying to run with the herd..Last year in Kosciusko they are sent them by truck 600 kms to slaughter babies pregnant mares, some of the horses were hurt and scared then they faced another gruelling task of the sale yards, with out the Australian public as a whole being aware. April 2011 300 + brumbies are to be aerial culled in carnarvon national Park Queensland.

I the undersigned Request the Australian Government remove all horses from feral pest classification and place them under heritage.

We request trials to be engaged for contraception methods and management plans to be put in place for the success of our heritage horses and our Australian Environment for now and future Generations.

We request that this law be amended Australia wide and all culling cease until a proper public investigation into the management of Australian wild horses.

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The Stop the Australian Government slaughtering our brumbies petition to Australian government and the Prime Minister was written by Lynette Sutton and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition.