Municipality of Central Elgin/Kettle Creek Conservation Authority

July 26, 2006

The floodplain adjacent to brentwood crescent has been maintained as a recreational facility for the residents of Belmont by the neighbours adjacent to the floodplain for the past 18 years with the knowledge and permission of KCCA and Municipality of Central Elgin.

In fact, the neighbours have planted over 100 trees to naturalize and beautify the area at their own cost.

This year, KCCA and Central Elgin decided to "naturalize the area" to include adding a perimeter fence, trees and an artificial wetland. Correspondance with the brentwood neighbours has been adversarial.

The floodplain is no longer usable for recreational activities.

The undersigned residents of Belmont do not want the creation of an artificial wetland within the village boundaries.

Altered wetlands often have stagnant water, increased nutrient levels and fewer natural mosquito predators. These conditions may result in mosquito production habitats near residential areas.

Research from North Dakota found that there were many more mosquitos in degraded wetlands and artificial wetlands than in higher quality wetlands. As a result the risk of West Nile Virus is increased. Mosqutios will range from 1 to 75 miles from their breeding source making an artificial wetland within the village boundaries unacceptable.

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