#Human Rights

We are experiencing skyrocketing instances of Domestic Violence, where two women in the UK will be/are killed every week - and globally this trend of abuse is soaring unabated - they are sisters, mothers, daughters, cousins, nieces, granddaughters - and wives.

'Soft' pornography and objectification of women is visible on every magazine stand in every supermarket around the world and is more accessible than ever before in our history. Long gone are these magazines hidden on top shelves and in plastic wrapping. Our children see them every day and mobile phone technology means they are now sharing porn with each other via 'sexting', which is rife in every culture in the world.

The Leveson Inquiry (UK) have highlighted this as an issue that requires regulation. Unfortunately, the press don't have the guts to make profound chage to support our communities.

We need to leave a foundation for our children and our future generations that respects women and shows that there is another, more caring way to treat women that will inevitably benefit all women, men and our society as a whole.

Enough is enough.

We, the undersigned, call on the Media Regulators and Heads of Government all over the world to stop the Abuse of Women in/by the Media.

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