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Loyola is planning on moving the ABSN program to the Maywood campus effective for the spring semester. It is part of the “important updates” that they plan to discuss with the ABSN class this Wednesday, July 29, 2009 at 11:00am, and which we all received an email about from Nicole Kaminski-Ozturk on July 27, 2009. Many of us oppose this move to the Maywood campus for several reasons, detailed below:

1) During orientation, Dr. Solari-Twadell informed us of the demolition to Damen Hall that would be occurring this summer. She also said that next year’s ABSN students would be moving to the Maywood campus for their classes. But, she said our ABSN class would not be effected. She said that we could look at that as being either bad or good that we were the last class to graduate from the Lake Shore campus.

2) The Maywood campus is an extremely far drive for many of us in the program. A lot of students in the program are from out of state, and would most likely not have chosen their current living arrangements had they known they would be commuting to Maywood.

3) Transportation to Maywood is tricky. Not only is it far away, but multiple forms of transportation need to be taken to get there. For those of us without cars, this would be quite a hassle. Also, it has not been guaranteed to us that a shuttle service will be provided.

4) The cost of transportation out to Maywood will be significantly more for a lot of students than the cost of getting to the Lake Shore campus.

5) The commute to and from the Maywood campus will easily add more hours into our day. What used to take some of us just 5-20 minutes to get to class will now take up to an hour each way.

We, the undersigned, request that Loyola University of Chicago re-examine their decision to relocate the ABSN class of 2009-2010 to the Maywood campus this spring.

It is our opinion that moving the ABSN program is detrimental to the students. We want our ABSN classes to remain at the Lake Shore Campus.

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